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We are 100% committed to doing what is right for our clients because our services are all about helping and providing you with building reports in Auckland. We provide Accurate, Detailed and Professional Reporting.

Precision Building Inspectors are fully trained and qualified to meet the NZ Standards of Inspection Reporting. All our written reports encompass the NZS 4306: 2005 Standard.

We understand that not everyone is an expert in building inspections. So, we provide a report that is easy to understand and are happy to explain any aspects or further details over the phone or face to face. Our services include a comprehensive written building inspection report that clearly outlines the main issues and covers the property’s overall condition. Relevant full colour photos are included to highlight any problem areas and provide easy reference. Our honest, responsive, and approachable customer service is what you deserve.

What areas do we check?

Aspects covered in the building inspection reports include:

  • Site
  • Entrance
  • Moisture Levels
  • Roof 
  • Exterior Cladding – Joinery
  • Roof Space
  • Sub-Floor
  • Decks – Balconies – Patios
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Kitchen
  • Living Room/s
  • Bedrooms – Office
  • Bathrooms – Wet Areas
  • Stairs
  • Garage
  • Accessory Units

Pre-Purchase Reports

A pre-purchase report provides a full, in-depth report on the condition of the property for the purchaser. This is often a requirement by the bank and or insurance company for lending purposes. Precision building inspectors’ comprehensive reports will give you a full understanding of the positive and negative aspects of the property and minimize your risk of running into any unpleasant surprises in the future. Get precision building inspectors certified and qualified builders to complete a pre-purchase inspection and provide you with peace of mind when purchasing your property. Our report encompasses NZS 4306: 2005.

Pre-Sale Reports

A pre-sale report provides a full, in-depth report on the current condition of the property for the seller. This enables the seller to ascertain and identify any problems before putting the property up for sale. The seller then has time to potentially remedy any negative issues on the property which can affect the sale price. We recommend this takes place 4-6 weeks before going to market, allowing time for any issues or maintenance to be rectified and the report updated if necessary. Our report encompasses NZS 4306: 2005.

Verbal Reports

A verbal inspection is recommended when a written report isn’t required for lending or insurance purposes. A verbal inspection is a convenient and cost-effective solution for experienced buyers. A written report is not included in a verbal inspection. During the inspection our building inspector will walk around the property with you outlining any problem areas. If you’re unable to attend the inspection, the inspector will make notes and provide the inspection over the phone. Verbal reports are an excellent way to save money and yet still get the same level of comprehensive inspection that you require. Call us if you would like to save money with a verbal report, undertaken by a certified and qualified precision building inspector.

Maintenance Reports

A maintenance report provides you with a clear understanding of all upcoming maintenance issues that will need to be addressed, to avoid a situation where minor maintenance becomes a major work, that can cause you inconvenience and larger costs. A precision building inspectors maintenance report will save you money in the short and long term. Call precision building inspectors to book in a maintenance inspection and get a maintenance report done for your property. Our report encompasses NZS 4306: 2005.

Handover Reports

Precision Building Inspectors handover reports are becoming more and more common within the building industry. Handover reports are for new homes or when purchasing a new property off the plans. A handover report is conducted at the end of your build prior to settlement. This will give you peace of mind that you’re getting the high-end quality build that you paid for and expect. While handover reports may seem unnecessary as a new build has been inspected by the councils building inspection process and Code of Compliance Certification is issued. In our experience we regularly find defects that require discussion and or rectification. Precision building inspectors have saved new build owners from arguments and stress with developers before they make final payment for their new house. Our report encompasses NZS 4306: 2005. Give us a call, and we can help you out.

Interior Reports

Interior inspections cover only the interior of the dwelling. Suitable for apartments or units as part of a body corporate. An interior inspection provides a full, in-depth report on the condition of the interior of the apartment/unit for the purchaser or owner. Interior inspections include an extensive inspection of the apartment/unit with full moisture testing undertaken. Reports are written in a PDF format, containing photos of the property interior and any problem areas. Give precision building inspectors a call for your apartment/unit inspection. Our report encompasses NZS 4306: 2005.

Moisture Testing

Non-Invasive Moisture Testing
For non-invasive moisture testing we use the industry standard Trotec T660, The Wagner Orion 950 and the Gann non-invasive hydromette BL moisture meters.

Invasive Moisture Testing
For invasive moisture testing we use the Gann hydromette BL invasive moisture meter. This specialised equipment uses probes and incredibly accurate resistance technology to provide actual moisture percentage levels within timber roofs, walls, and flooring areas.


Our Service Areas

We travel Auckland wide, Central, Eastern Bays, East Auckland, Rodney, Waitakere and Franklin. We cover but are not limited to these areas, please contact us for a quote.

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